Black Friday mattress

"I, too, originally bought these pillows because they supposedly contained ""gel"" of some sort, and so I had lofty dreams of sleeping on a giant keyboard wrist rest, with my body temperature evening out in the chilly goo inside. Initially I was quite turned off by the discovery that they contained polyester fibers inside and wrote a somewhat scathing review. However, further research on the Internet revealed that these are in fact ""polyester gel fiber"" pillows. I found several patents that sounded like they could describe these fibers (in truth, I don't know for sure), but more importantly, I realized that the purpose of these fibers is to mimic goose down while retaining the hypoallergenic properties of poly-fill. Sure enough, I tested the feel of these pillows versus my standard poly-fill pillows, and there is in fact a marked difference. Based on my experiences with goose down, which I generally have liked in European hotels, I am actually suprised to say that once I realized the purpose of the filling, they do in fact mimic down pillows rather effectively. My only complaint at this point is that they are a little underfilled for my personal tastes. The covers are sateen cotton and quite comfortable (although honestly aren't we all using pillow cases anyway?). Comparing these to other offerings from other companies and retailers, the price is quite low for a polyester gel fiber filled set of pillows. If you like goose down, but cannot enjoy the softness due to allergies, or don't like the stiff feather backbones of cheaper down pillows, then this is a right-priced and hypoallergenic alternative.

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