Black Friday beds

"I bought this bed for my 3-year-old son, as his first ""big boy bed"". I was able to put it together myself without difficulty. It's a good sturdy construction (for what it's made of. This is not solid wood we're talking about here), and the finish looks great. I only have two qualms about this bed, and they're minor. First, the bed is, all around, just a smidgen bigger than a standard twin mattress, so you have to think about that when deciding what linens to choose. Second, the drawers are not on rollers. It's just a plastic slider piece mounted into a slot in the wood, so it has the tendency to stick a little, particularly in humid weather. However, I have found that a little olive oil does help this problem somewhat. I would still recommend this bed for anyone looking for a good, sturdy, inexpensive child's bed.
I am a paraplegic widower, 59 years old. My space is limited by the need to have room to maneuver my wheelchair without obstruction. This bed gives me that, both in being a twin size and in having three drawers which obviate the need for a three drawer chest. The drawers could be longer, but they hold everything I had in a three drawer chest. With the headboard (sold separately) attached, there is plenty of storage space for anyone. The bed is high enough for me to transfer from my chair and back again without difficulty.

I realize most who consider this bed will be doing so with a child or young teen in mind. Space is at a premium in any young person's room also, and this bed gives you that.

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