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  • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP
    • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP
    • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP
    • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP
    • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP
    • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP
    • Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP

    Stopping-Plug-ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด-CMP อำเภอบางบัวทอง

    Stopping Plug ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด CMP
    STOPPING PLUG ปลั๊กอุดกันระเบิด
    Stopping plug ท่ออุดกันระเบิด CMP
    Stopper Plug Type 747
    Stopper Plug Type 757
    Stopper Plug Type 747 with Flameproof Ex d form of protection,
    with and without Tamper-proof facility

    The CMP Type 747 range of Flameproof Ex d Stopper Plugs is designed to provide a permanent or temporary means of blanking unused cable entry holes in Flameproof enclosures enabling the
    equipment to be safely deployed in the Explosive Atmosphere.

    A General Purpose Industrial version is also available.

    Always inserted from the outside of the enclosure, these Stopper Plugs are available with both external (Type A) and internal (Type B) Allen Key facility.

    The 747 Type B Stopper Plug is tamper-proof since it can only be removed from the inside, after the equipment has been de-energised and the terminal chamber cover removed.

    CMP Type 747 Stopper Plugs are available in Brass, Aluminium, or Stainless Steel and can be supplied for both Industrial and Explosive Atmosphere applications, with a variety of thread forms and sizes,
    including NPT. HOW TO ORDER
    Stopper Plug Type 757 with Flameproof Ex d IIC & Increased Safety Ex e II forms
    of protection.

    The CMP Type 757 range of Stopper Plugs is designed to provide a permanent or temporary means of blanking unused cable entry holes in Flameproof and Increased Safety enclosures, enabling
    the equipment to be safely deployed in the explosive atmosphere.

    The 757 range of Stopper Plugs is produced with a Hexagon Head, making it possible to install or remove with either an open ended or ring type spanner or wrench.

    A General Purpose Industrial version is also available.

    The CMP Type 757 Stopper Plug design allows for the addition of an entry thread sealing washer, which is available as an optional extra. Alternatively, this is also available with an optional Integral Entry
    Thread "O" Ring seal.

    CMP Type 757 Stopper Plugs are available in Brass Nickel Plated Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Nylon (Ex e), and can be supplied for both Industrial and Explosive Atmosphere applications, in a variety of
    thread forms and sizes. HOW TO ORDER

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