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The MS standard connectors are designed and manufactured according to MIL-DTL-5015, the Military Specification covering MS connectors. MS standard connector was designed for connection of electric and electronic device in military aircraft. Recently MS connectors are used in wide range of geneal industrial applications.

Communication Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Traffic Signals, High Current Systems, Robot Control,
Power Generator, Medical Equipment, Shipbuilding Equipments.

KD (KUKDONG Company name)
MS (Military Standard)

Contact Type
P = Pin/male contacts
S = Socket/Female contacts
Alternate Insert Position

Blank (Normal), W, X, Y, Z

Aluminum alloy, olive drab chromate coating over cadmium or zine plating

Synthetic Rubber

Copper alloy, Silver Plated


KD3100 Wall mounting receptacle
A, E/F, R
KD3101 Cable connecting plug
A, E/F, R
KD3102 Box mounting receptacle
A, B, R
KD3106 Straight plug
A, B, E/F, R
KD3108 90? angle plug
A, B, E/F, R
KD25183 Potting seal plug
Solid Shell. Solder contacts & none pressured.

Split Shell. Solder contacts & none pressured.

E/F Enviromental with resilient insulators and integral cable clamp
R Enviromental with resilient insulators and shortened light-weight
endbell : also additional sealing with "O"ring seal under coupling nut in shell style
3106 and 3108

Insulating Resistance
5,000? Min (at 25?)

Operating Temperature

-55? to 125?

500 Cycle Connection / Disconnection

Operating Temperature
-55? ~ +125?

MIL-STD-1344 Method 2005 / 10 ~ 500? (10G)

50G / Time :11?1?s / Test current : 100?
Salt Spray MIL-STD-1344 Method 1001 / Salt solution : 5%/48Hours
Humidity Relative Humidity : 95%?3% / Temperature : 71??2? / 14Days

servo connector, automotive connector, plug connector
4 pin connector, 6 pin connector, 24 pin connector, 10 pin connector, 16 pin connector, Servo connector, servomoter connector, inverter connector
KD3102, KD3106, KD3108, KD3101, MS3102, MS3106, MS3108, MS3101, connector with cable, automotive connectors, M4-M8-M12 Connector

Circular connector, Military connector, MIL-C 5015 connector, Servo motor connector, Robot connector
Connectec connector, Eletronics connector, mini connector Tajimi, Mini connector PLT, Nanaboshi, M8, M12 sensor connector
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