Black Friday stylus olympus

"""I am very impressed with this camera, and I highly recommend it. My only complant is its battery life which is good, but just not as good as the rest of the camera. It takes super great pictures, and has many useful features and shooting modes. Like panorama, Magic, and beauty. I love having the 7X optical zoom, along with the 5X digital. You can use the digital zoom even while shooting video. It has this cool feature that I really like called Sequential shooting, which can take many many picture very fast. Of course it reduces the quality of the photo, but not to an unbearable level, and if you don't zoom in unnoticeable.
This is the 2nd Olympus Stylus camera I have bought. I wanted a more compact camera for travel. I love this one, very easy to use. Loads of different features. The photo's very clear and sharp. Great zoom. I just wish the battery had a longer life. I bought an extra battery so always have a spare fully charged battery backup.
I reccomend it and would buy again.
I bought my Olympus a few days before a big trip to France. I hoped it wasn't a dud, but I had looked around at local stores and online reviews and it kept standing out to me. I was concerned at first about having no physical ""how to"" manual, but it hasn't been a problem. I played with all the features on my trip, and I have to say my photos have been stunning - clear, amazing colors, great range of view. The panorama feature especially has been a treat - easy to use and it creates such unique perspectives. The macro feature also gave my close-up shots crisp definition with great depth. I can't count the number of times I've said ""I love this camera!"" The only piece I'm not crazy about is that it's a rechargeable battery, so I have to think ahead and make sure it's charged before taking it somewhere; not great for spontaneous needs, but I'll deal with it. The best part of all of this is, I would have paid so more for it - the price can't be beat."

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