LANNA COME SPA "Promotion on August Mother's Smilling"

Lanna Come Spa is the first Thai Northern spa with Sib Song Panna style. Sib Song Panna means Chiangrung [Xishuangbanna in Chinese language] or Sib Song Panna which similar to Lanna Kingdom of Chiang Mai,Thailand. There are many doubts about the relationship In Tai Lue language and the ancient Lanna language which spoken in the past and inscribed in palm leaves scripture.Tai Lue people in Sib Song Panna spend there lives on the Lanna culture which is disappeared from Thailand. Someone says if you would like to see the ancient Lanna King Dom of Thailand, you should visit Sib Song Panna to talk with Thai Lue.Try Lanna food , see women under the umbrella and many big wooden houses of Tai Lue style.

Promotion on August

Mother's Smilling

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